Rick Bike

My beliefs:

Live and let live, all things in moderation, strive for balance,

be aware and amazed ... with all things in life.

As well as being a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace, 

In the past (1977) I was ordained and received a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics from ULC Modesto, California.  I can perform traditional, non-traditional, and same sex weddings, and tho these weddings are not religious, they can be spiritual, and provide an alternative for persons of different backgrounds looking for simplicity and meaning.

My ceremony offers a belief system of peace,
trust and the universal power of love and forgiveness. The giving without measure to your partner always first.

We can celebrate a form of Spirit, as we remember the importance of grace, laughter, listening to our heart, giving unconditional love and honoring and understanding our connection with nature, and the world around us. This service can present another way, other than the dos and don’ts of old rules and rigidity, plus eliminating the stress of a large wedding.

Many couples opt for simplicity and take advantage of natural circumstances. There is a more intimate meaning and closeness with a small informal group, and If you opt for a LARGE wedding then then all the better, I will help coordinate every aspect of your ceremony, and will do everything possible to relieve the stress, that having to much fun brings!

I always encourage flexibility and open mindedness in creating the type of ceremony that will reflect the personal beliefs, inspiration, simplicity, truth, balance, and the authenticity of the couple involved.


About Me

For the past 33 years I have worked for the Town of Billerica’s Fire Department, retiring in 2007 as a Captain-Shift Commander. I have served as a Town Meeting Member, Treasurer of the Museum Committee, Grant Writer for the Fire Department, Chairman of the Ombudsman's Committee, and a Notary Public since 1988.

I currently work part time as a  MA Justice of the Peace, and  honing the craft of Acting, the rest of the time, do just about anything else I want.


  1. -Associates,  Fire Science and Public Safety MCC

  2. - Bachelor of Arts, Leadership and Administration NLC

  3. -Doctorate, Metaphysics ULC


  1. -Music

- Acting   (SAG/AFTRA)

  1. -Art

  2. -Motorcycling

  3. -Traveling

  4. -Fishing and Hunting

  5. -Computers

  6. -Golf

  7. -Gardening

  8. -Common Sense

  9. -Amazement 


Richard P Burtt Sr



Rick windsor
Rick Guitar
 Rick Burtt& Massachusetts Justice Of the Peace

Thank you, for considering me to assist you as your Justice Of The Peace.  I was appointed by: “His Excellency the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as a Justice of the Peace, with a special designation to solemnize marriages pursuant to Section 39 of Chapter 207 within the Commonwealth.”

I am married 30 years, have three grown children and nine grandchildren,

a little dog named Windsor and a big Maine Coon Cat named Isaac, who all keep me busier than ever!

One of the many services I can perform is to help plan your wedding and solemnize (Officiate) your  marriage.

It is my intention as a fair, honest and open minded individual, to present my services based on the belief that the utmost importance is my customers needs.

I am committed to meeting those special needs, and assisting to keep the ceremony professional, as well as fun and entertaining, according to the couples wishes.

I welcome your trust and the opportunity to be part of the best wedding possible... your wedding!


Rick Burtt

     My philosophy

My years working as FireFighter / EMT have taught me that the only true moment we have in which to live, experience, and love, is now.  It is now that we can love our families, face our fears, forgive our enemies, heal our wounds, celebrate our joy, engage in meaningful work, nurture our bodies,  experience our planet, understand and celebrate the miraculous gift of life and love. 

In an instant it is all gone, and then we begin now a-new.

We are all so lucky to BE HERE NOW !

Yin Yang

Rick Burtt

Massachusetts Justice of the Peace

you and your friend

Mark Knophler

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