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Most wedding ceremonies have five major components:


- Introduction or greeting to the assembled guests.

- Intentions, where the bride and groom state that they are about          to enter into a marriage.

- Vows, where the bride and groom state their feelings for each other.

- Ring Ceremony, where the bride and room exchange rings.

- Pronouncement, where the officiate pronounces them married

Some couples desire a unique wedding ceremony that reflects who they are with every word spoken, highlighting their values and dreams as individuals and as partners. We can meet face to face to begin planning. Your deposit will reserve your date, and I'll work with you via e-mail and over the phone in the weeks that follow to create the personalized ceremony of your dreams. I'll provide you with a draft that includes your ideas and choices arraigned to create your ceremony, and you can make whatever changes you wish until it's just the way you want it. The result will be a wonderful and meaningful wedding ceremony for you both.

      Here are some examples of additions

           you can add to your ceremony: