It is the little details that count and when your planning your wedding, it will be these details that make your day that much more special.

One of the very first tastes of what’s to come for your guest is the ceremony program, waiting for them when they arrive at your ceremony, they instantly know that what their viewing is that tip of something magical.

As your Wedding Officiate I appreciate the magnitude of the occasion and have come up with a new range of contemporary and stylish wedding ceremony programs designed to inform and assist your guests.

Even if your ceremony guests aren't expected to do anything more strenuous than be there, a program is still a nice touch.  Most will feel more comfortable if they know what is going to happen and roughly how long the ceremony is going to take.

If you are expecting your guests to take part in the ceremony (for example singing) then a program is a great way to encourage participation. 

Programs also make nice mementoes for your guests to keep.

Remember, programs give those in attendance information concerning the order of the service and the names of the bridal party, parents and honored guests. Some additional information that may be included is an explanation of elements of the ceremony, like the lighting of the unity candle; details about the reception and most importantly, a message from the couple thanking everyone for sharing in this special day.

Ceremony Programs


Rick Burtt JP 2010

The inside


I can customize and provide you with black and white ceremony programs (on white or colored paper if you wish)

for $1.00 each.

(Please note:   You should only order for 3/4 of the guests you expect to attend, so as to not have unused extras.)

A picture of the couple may be added also