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1. Witness people signing documents as prescribed by law.

2. Certifying copies of documents as true and correct copies.

The Documents I will witness are likely to include:


1. Statutory Declarations.

2. Affidavits.

3. Wills.

4. Power of Attorney.

5. Enduring Power of Attorney.

6. Advance Health Directives.

7. Land Titles Documents

8. Interstate Documents.

9. Commonwealth Documents.

10.Some International Documents.

11.Deed Polls.

Who can  use My Services as a Justice of the Peace


My service as Justice of the Peace is in heavy demand by Commerce and Industry, all levels of Government, and Community in general.

I am appointed to serve all the members of the community, not just a selected few.


 When should I be available?

I am retired and  available to carry out my duties at all times, as people may contact me at any time of the day or night. If I am busy, I will make an appointment for a time that suits both myself and the person seeking my services.

Why must some Documents be witnessed?


Having a document witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, is a way of establishing that the signature is authentic.


This gives the document some legal weight should the matter ever be disputed.


Certain documents are required by law to be witnessed by a J.P to encourage the honesty of the signatory (the person who signs the document) and in some cases to place the Signatory on Oath when signing. Such documents include an Oath that all the information given in the document is True and Correct.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: A Justice of the Peace is authorized to take acknowledgments in the same manner as a notary public.

OATHS: A Justice of the Peace is also authorized to administer certain oaths of office

DEPOSITIONS: In addition to witnessing a document a Justice of the Peace may take, upon request, depositions within the commonwealth by administering written interrogatories unless otherwise provided by a court.  A deposition is usually a written statement by a witness under oath.

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