What is a Justice of the Peace (JP)

A respected Justice of the Peace, is more than an officiate solemnizing at a wedding ceremony, he invests personal time and attention in planning the ceremony, including advising couples and families and helping to handle difficult family members, if necessary. He does all this with an experienced and calm hand to make sure your special day goes off smoothly.  He is experienced enough to foresee problem areas and work them through ahead of time, thus ensuring a wonderful day for everyone involved.

Getting married by a Justice of the Peace instead of by a religious minister is a personal choice. An increasing number of couples believe that selecting a Justice of the Peace (JP) is a much more convenient alternative than going through a church wedding where religious rituals and traditions have to be adhered to.

Couples who prefer a civil union call upon a Justice of the Peace.

Justices of the Peace are also requested to perform a wedding ceremony for same sex couples which some religious ministers would prefer not to do. A JP
preside over a same sex marriage in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.  A mandatory requirement is of course the marriage license. Without it, a JP cannot conduct a civil ceremony. If you are eloping he can still marry you provided you have a valid Massachusetts marriage license. At least no blood tests are required, nor do you need witnesses. You can write your own wedding vows (I have samples for you to choose from if you don’t feel like writing them yourself), and there is no need to recite lengthy speeches. Most times, all you need to say is “I do.”
But I can meet with you and plan any type of wedding you want to have and help you say what you want to say!. Neither is venue a problem. Two people with a valid marriage license can get married anywhere in the state of Massachusetts –  outdoors in a garden or park, at a hotel. Rehearsals won’t be necessary if you want just the three of us and a basic “I DO” we
dding, but if there will be guests, a rehearsal is a good idea.

Banish the thought from your mind that getting married before a JP makes your marriage any less of a marriage. Just because you didn’t have the historical church and the religious rituals that marked your union does not mean that your marriage is invalid. Justices of the Peace are court officers, appointed by the State Governor; hence your marriage is ruled by law and is 100% legal.


Rick Burtt JP 2010-2011

What exactly can you expect from me as a

Justice of the Peace for wedding traditions?

First and foremost, as a Justice I will be there to perform a legal wedding ceremony, as dictated by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I take pride in my ability to create what you want and to exceed your wildest ideas and expectations!

I will not necessarily hold fast to a certain religion, which is why my service is popular for non-secular ceremonies.

I am also open to more unconventional ceremony aspects, and available as an officiant for all weddings, regardless of creed, nationality, or sexual orientation. I bring an open minded approach to your wedding that i
s refreshing and appealing to groups already weary from what they perceive as being judged and shunned by the mainstream community.

Though the ceremony can be casual and brief, I am  able to perform my duties as your Justice of the Peace at any sort of celebration, and the more unique and individual the better, as this most important day, should be special.

I will help you choose an event as a couple on your big day, guiding your choice of a beautiful ceremony you will remember for a lifetime that reflects who you both truly are.

Non-traditional weddings are becoming more popular with many persons of different backgrounds looking for authenticity,  simplicity and meaning. The ceremony can offer a belief system of peace, trust and the universal power of love and forgiveness. It can celebrate life as we remember the importance of grace, laughter, listening to our heart, and giving unconditional love.

Inventiveness and presenting another way of getting married, other than the old rules, rigidity and the stress of a large wedding can enhance your special day.

Many couples opt for simplicity and natural circumstances and I always encourage flexibility and open mindedness.

The best weddings reflect and balance the personal beliefs of the couples involved, with simplicity, informality, inspiration, truth and authenticity.


I Will  by Allison Kruas

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